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Since setting up my own studio in April 2022 I have beel focusing on electro- etching as an attempt to make printmaking safer and more sustainable 


Instead of the traditional acids, metal salts are used to etch the plate. Hereby the copper plate is placed as anode opposite a copper cathode. By putting a current through both plates an electro-chemical process is initiated whereby my plate erodes.


When etching zinc plates they are also placed into copper sulphite with a copper cathode- those two plates are now directly connected and a current will build up without the use of a power source 


Before etching my plate is prepared by applying grounds and varnishes to protect areas I do not want etched.

Then a contact stip is attached


 All open areas will erode. When etching actively ( with a power source ) I won't have a residue and my solution does not weaken.


As in traditional etching, all eroded areas - which lie below the surface of the plate - will hold ink and print. 

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