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The Electro-etching residency introduces the artist to an alternative technique of intaglio etching, using a completely non-toxic electrical process, and thus avoiding the harmful acids used in traditional etching. The electro-etching residency is held at the workshop and residence of the artist Alfonso Crujera, a master printmaker and specialist in the varied techniques of etching with electrolysis.

I spent two weeks working With Alfonso in August 2023 

After learning traditional etching at University I started, with guidance of my etching tutor to use electro-etching instead. I was thrilled by the results and the idea of the environmental sustainability this method entails.. I was very honored when I received the invitation to come to Gran Canaria – with the financial support Alfonso Crujera offers to young artists. My stay could not have been better, not only I learned a lot of new techniques and approaches to electro etching, but I also had the chance to improve upon my existing skill and deepen my knowledge. With Alfonso’s teaching I advanced way quicker than I would have done with my usual, self-taught trial and error approach.

I thank Alfonso and his wife for their hospitality and will think back to this travel often! 

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