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Personal work 


 Ingrained, etching and aquatint  2021

Living in times of uncertainty , facing ecological and humanitarian crises, it is hard not despair and it seems impossible to make the right decisions. This body of  work explores the feelings that I am experiencing and and is a way to not only to allow myself to feel the pain but also the priviledge I live , everyday.Turning my attention to the outer European borders, I grapple with the fact that to this day history repeats itself. People are displaced and fleeing, drowning in the Mediterranean for lack of solidarity. Growing up with the images of flight through my grandmother’s recounts of her childhood as a second world war refugee, through my practice I tried to understand what it means to be displaced, hungry and scared.

Abschied, active electro etching on copper, various techniques 2023

At our borders, passive electro etching on zinc, sugarlift aquatint 2023

Daily Ration,caryon lift electro etching on zinc 2023

Moses did not drown ( basket baby), active electro etching on copper 2022

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